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1981 Ibanez Iceman Special Edition! SOLD!

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Here's a cool vintage Ibanez Iceman! Aggressive looks and tone to match! This one is a bit of a mystery. The truss rod cover says "Special Edition No 0001". I can offer no insight but maybe an ebayer can play expert on this one. Either way, the package is typical Ibanez. Crazy body shape. Comfortable  neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Dual humbuckers dish out big tone. A Tuneomatic style bridge, stop tailpiece and velvet touch tuners keep it solid. The finish is black for a cool look. A unique guitar that drips with rock style.

This Ibanez plays well and has good tone. The neck is straight and the action is good. The pickups sound good and the electronics work as they should. A nice performing guitar. Condition wise, this one has been played. Not a collector's piece in terms of condition. It shows pick, clearcoat and belt scratches as well as dents and sings as you would expect of a 27 year old player's guitar. Comes in a hardshell case with stencils from local MD legends Crack the Sky painted on.

The Iceman is easily one of the best designs of the 70s. Great looks and cool tone. Vintage Iceman models have been steadily increasing in price on the used market. Here's your chance to get a unique one.


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