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1956 Gretsch Country Club! ON HOLD!

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The Gretsch Country Club has always been one of my favorite models. Second only to the White Falcon in the old days, the Country Club offered traditional jazz guitar looks and tone. This 56 example is ready for almost anything you can throw at it: jazz, blues, country, rockabilly, you name it. A great guitar. The body is laminated maple for bright tone and good feedback resistance. The 2 piece maple neck features a bound ebony fingerboard with pearl hump block inlays. World famous Dearmond Dynasonic single coil pickups deliver amazing tone. A Melita Syncrosonic bridge, trapeze tailpiece and Grover Imperial tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is a gorgeous original sunburst lacquer. All appointments are top of the line and include multiple binding and gold plated hardware. All parts are original on this one. No funny business. An incredible instrument and a great value as compared to a 50's 6120 or Falcon!

This is one of the nicest playing vintage Gretsch guitars that I've had in a long time. Good action and nice feel. The neck looks to have been reset but other than a replaced piece of binding, there is little evidence. Click here, here, and here to see pics of the neck joint. The result is a great playing guitar with nice action. The pickups sound incredible. Once you hear a 50s Dynasonic, you'll understand what the hype is about. Powerful, bright and clear with good definition. Everything works as it should on this example. This is a well preserved 52 year old guitar. Better than average in my opinion. It shows moderate checking, scratches and a few dents/dings. Nothing major and all honest wear. Very nice looking. Comes in original hardshell case.

Country Clubs have always been a bargain on the vintage market. With 50s 6120 prices getting closer to 20K every day, these are no brainers to me. Incredible, top of the line quality. These were built to compete against world class guitars like the Gibson L-5 CES. If you are looking at grabbing a great vintage guitar at a great price, this is a good candidate. For just a little more than a new one, you could own a 52 year old vintage piece with incredible vibe.


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