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2005 Italia Mondial Classic! SOLD!

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Inspired by National Reso-glas guitars of the 60s, the Italia Mondial brings retro looks and modern performance to today's guitar player. An extremely cool design, I was immediately reminded of old Supro and National guitars when I saw it. Designed by Trev Wilkinson, these guitars really capture the vibe. The body is agathis with an "acousti-glas" top. The neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard and cool inlays. Pickups are Wilkinson WVC humbuckers and a bridge mounted piezo pickup. There are dual jacks, one for the piezo, one for the magnetic pickups. A great idea. Cool sealed tuners and an Italia trapeze tailpiece round out the hardware. The color is a cool seafoam green that just screams retro. A great performing guitar. If you are looking at an Eastwood, Dipinto or other similar retro guitar, the Italia Mondial deserves a look. Better build quality in my opinion and more distinct designs..

This Italia is a good player with lots of tones. The neck is straight and the action is good. The magnetic pickups sound good with nice tone. The piezo pickup offers some unique tones. It won't make you set your D-28 on fire, but it's tons of fun. Everything works as it should. Condition wise, this is a nice, clean used guitar. It shows light to moderate pick and clearcoat scratches. Very nice. Comes in a gigbag.

I've had several Italias over the years and have always been impressed by their quality, sound and overall vibe. I think they definitely have their own identity which is more than I can say for many of the retro style knock offs out there. A new Italia Mondial Classic will set you back $699.00 in stores. This one is nice and clean and ready to go at a better price.


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