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1981 Greco Super Power! SOLD!

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Many players love the look, feel and tone of their Japanese made guitars. A lot of folks feel that Grecos were the best made and most accurate guitars of the copy era. Greco guitars were seldom seen in the states but enormously popular in Japan. Greco was so good that Fender ended up using them to build the famous JV series Japanese Strats. The Fijugenn Gakki plant produced most of Greco's highest regarded guitars and would continue to produce Fender's popular reissue Strats and Teles. Incredible quality and attention to detail in these guitars. This Greco Super Power is no exception. The double cutaway body has all the right contours and feel, just like the 1962 model it was inspired by. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a nice rosewood neck with vintage style frets. The headstock has the Greco logo plus "Super Power Brazen Picker Professional" and "Original Custom Body" logos. I love it! In the same 60s style font and crazy spirit of Tokai's Springy Sound and Oldies but Goldies series, this guitar screams fun . A trio of good sounding single coils pump out great tones. Greco tuners and a vintage style trem round out the hardware. This example is finished in a nice aged white and set off with a single ply pickguard. A very nice copy of the 1962 original. Many studio pros ditched their vintage Fenders after discovering the feel of 70s and 80s Japanese guitars. Find out why!

Like many Japanese built guitars, this Greco has good feel and tone. The neck has nice action. The pickups sound great. The tone controls are wired to work on the neck and bridge. 3 way switch for vintage authenticity. This guitar would be at home in a smoky bar room. It has been PLAYED. It shows a good bit of pick, clearcoat and belt scratches as well as some chips and dents. Not collector approved but cool if you want a vibey player. No trem arm. Comes in an aftermarket hardshell case and a Fender pick.

Japanese made guitars have been becoming increasingly popular in recent years as players find out what a great value they are over expensive American made instruments. This Greco is no exception. Good quality at a good price.


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