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2007 Brian May Guitar! SOLD!

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One of the most recognized guitars in the world! Brian's original homemade Red Special was responsible for some of the most distinctive tones in rock history. You've heard the tone. No other guitars have it. For years guitarists wanted that sound but unfortunately no commercially available instrument offered it. You could have a boutique builder handcraft one or find one of the rare 80s or 90s Guild signature models but that meant big bucks. Luckily a few years ago Burns London started building a signature model with all of Brian's trademark features. The new models are now made by Brian May Guitars and are priced so almost anyone can afford them. All of the important features of the original Red Special are here.  The body is made of chambered mahogany and features handsome binding.  The 24 inch scale mahogany neck features a 24 fret ebony fingerboard.  A trio of Burns Tri-Sonic pickups dish out trademark tone. All pickups are wired in series for that violin like sustain. On/Off and phase switches offer a pallet of tones from big rock to unique cutting tones. A special trem with brass saddles and Grover locking tuners keep everything rock solid. This example is finished in gorgeous black and set off by gold hardware and a gold pickguard. Rare color combo! A striking looking instrument that offers amazing tones.

Click HERE for a cool feature on Brian from 1992. Some nice info on the Red Special towards the middle. Click HERE for a whole bunch of Red Specials doing their thing. It may not be your cup of tea, not all of it is mine, but you can't deny the tone and versatility of the guitar.

This is an amazingly toneful guitar that's great fun to play. The fingerboard is nice and wide and the frets feel great. Very comfortable feel whether you're playing sweet bends, delicate fingerpicked passages or just shredding. Tonally, this guitar is absolutely in a class by itself. You can go from big, thick P-90 or humbucker tones to cutting Fender like sounds. All with a dash singing violin timbre. A great recording guitar but also a great do anything live axe. I own one of the expensive 90s Guild Brian Mays and this thing compares very favorably. It perhaps is an even more rocking guitar with a more aggressive, cutting top end. Quite rocking guitar really. Condition wise, this is a nice used guitar. Nicely taken care of. It shows light to moderate pick and clearcoat scratches and moderate scratches on the pickguard. Very nice looking. Comes in a hardshell case.

Selling guitars for a living means I get to check out a wide variety of instruments. Honestly it's hard to get excited about the vanilla stuff sometimes. In a world of Strats, Teles and Les Pauls, this guitar brings back all of the fun of playing guitar. Lots of tones, good feel and unique looks. If you are a Queen fan, look no further. If Queen isn't your thing, you're doing yourself a great disservice if you don't give this guitar some consideration. It truly can do almost anything with a voice that's both distinctive yet truly familiar.


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