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1990's Danelectro Doubleneck! SOLD!

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About as cool as it gets! One of my favorite tools for live and recording is a baritone guitar. A great sound that compliments and reinforces almost any kind of music. Show up to a jam session and you will be the only guy there with one and your sound will cut through nicely. This Dano is a great tool for your tone tool box. Two (count 'em), yes, two necks of retro-tastical fun and games.  One neck is a standard 6 string, the other the mighty low tuned baritone. Tuned B to B, the baritone will add a healthy dose of twang to your diet.  The necks are made of maple with a rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. The semi hollow body is made of masonite for that trademark Dano growl. Two Dano Lipstick tube pickups for each pickup dish out the crazy spaghetti western/Duane Eddy tone. Sealed tuners and the classic Dano bridge keep it rock solid. The finish is a cool white sparkle set off with brown tape binding. A hip guitar with style to spare!

This Dano plays and sounds great. The necks are comfortable and the action is good. The pickups sound classic and everything works as it should. Sound wise, this instrument can do a lot of things. The baritone not only works for retro David Lynch type atmospheres, Tic Tac Basslines or surf freak outs, it also excels at sludgy hard rock. A baritone into a fuzz is a revelation and will sure to spruce up your sound. This is a nice used instrument. It shows light to moderate pick and clearcoat scratches as well as some minor indents and dings. Still nice. No case but will be super mega well packed.

Danelectro no longer offers this model. A shame really as the baritone guitar is one of the coolest sounds around. A great way to spruce up a song. A great lead instrument too. 


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