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2002 Martin D-15 Dreadnought Acoustic! SOLD!

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Martin’s D-15 has found many fans thanks to the warmth and clarity of its all mahogany construction. Built right here in the US of A to the same standards as much more expensive guitars. Lots of bang for the buck. The top, back and sides are made of genuine solid mahogany. Solid Sitka spruce braces are arranged in an A-frame X pattern for good tone and projection. The 25.4 inch scale hardwood neck features a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets, 14 of which are clear of the body. A rosewood bridge and sealed tuners keep everything solid. The finish is a natural satin which really lets the guitar breathe. A nice guitar and a real Martin for a fraction of what a D-28 would cost!

Martin built its reputation on delivering easy to play guitars with nice tone. This D-15 doesn’t disappoint. The action is nice and the neck feels good. The tone is nice for the price and would make a great alternative to a traditional spruce/rosewood Dreadnought. This is a nice used guitar. It shops some light to moderate  pick and belt scratches and moderate scratches on the pickguard. Very well taken care of. Comes in a hardshell case.

With its vintage, understated looks and unique tone, the D-15 will appeal to players from many genres. Obviously, it’s hard to beat a Martin. A quite affordable instrument that’s USA made. What more could you ask for? A new one will set you back $949.00 in the superstores but I can save you some dough on this nice used one.


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