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1981 Guild S-250 Prototype! SOLD!!

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Nothing beats a Guild! Always a great alternative to those other brands that started with a "G". Vintage Guilds are American made and generally display more consistent quality than other makers of the era. They are a downright bargain too, offering compelling designs at a great price. As a big Guild fan, I'm happy to offer this cool S-250. This guitar is a rare prototype. It has an LL100xxx series serial number indicating that it was a prototype made in 1981. Very cool and perhaps one of the first if not the first S-250 built. It has some non standard features making it possibly one of a kind. The body looks to be mahogany and features bevels similar to the cult classic S-300 solid body. The neck looks to be mahogany and features a 24 fret fingerboard. Dual humbuckers (possibly Guild XR-7s or even Dimarzios as were common in the period) are hooked to dual volume/tone controls and a factory phase switch. Guild's Adjustomatic bridge, SP-6 Stopbar tailpiece and Guild branded Schaller tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is a classy and oh so 70s Walnut lacquer. A very cool guitar that is both unique and rare!

This Guild has nice tone and feel. A nice alternative to a Gibson SG. The neck is straight and the action is good. The frets show a little wear but play fine. The pickups deliver a lot of tones and are great for rock. A nice sounding and feeling guitar. Condition wise, this one has been played. It shows checking, scratches, dents and dings as you would expect from a guitar that's been played.  There's some finish wear near the pickups and some finish checks coming off the nut visible by clicking HERE. Nothing major. Completely stable and a fine guitar for a player. Comes in original Guild hardshell case which is missing its handle.

Guilds are the best bang for the buck guitars out there. Incredible USA made quality as well as tone and feel that meet or exceed other big name guitars of the era. This S-250 is quite unique and sure to be a great addition to your tone toolbox.


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