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1970's Bradley Made in Japan Hollowbody! SOLD!

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Many budget minded players have discovered how great many 70s Japanese copy guitars are. Back in the 70s when Gibson and Fender were producing guitars with dubious improvements and reduced quality, a crop of affordable Japanese made guitars hit the market. These guitars sometimes looked just like the much more expensive Gibson and Fender designs and many players felt they played better, sounded better and were made better than the more expensive USA stuff. This 70s Bradley is a good example of the era. Bradley was the house brand for Veneman's Music, one of the East Coast's most fondly remembered stores. Super cool looks and decent quality for the bucks. Bradley definitely had Gibson's ES-355 in mind when designing this guitar. The body laminated body (probably maple) is hollow much like an ES-330 and not like a 335. It doesn't have the big, heavy sustain block in it. That means a bright and woody tone. The bolt on neck features a bound rosewood fingerboard with block inlays. Dual humbuckers dish out cool tone. They have braided metal wire just like Gibson's of the era. A fancy trapeze tailpiece and floating archtop tailpiece keep it rock solid. The finish is walnut and is set off by gold hardware. A cool looking guitar for not a lot of bucks!

This Bradley has cool vintage feel and tone. The neck is straight and the action is good. The frets show some normal wear but it plays fine. The pickups deliver cool retro tone and vibe. Everything works as it should. A cool guitar for punkers, indie rockers, blues slingers or rockabilly types. Condition wise, this guitar shows the wear you would expect of a 30+ year old instrument. It shows scratches, dents, dings and hardware corrosion. Nothing major. Still good looking. Comes in a cool looking original hardshell case.

Japanese guitars have become collectible among many p-layers as they offer a great way to expand your tone toolbox at a bargain price. Lots of cool sounds and killer vintage looks for a lot less than a comparable Gibson or Fender. Heck, this guitar will cost you less than a new Epiphone Casino reissue and it sports some major vibe. I call that a bargain.


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