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1970's Electra Japan Omega X220! SOLD!

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Here's a great guitar for not a lot of dough! Like many Japanese guitars of the era, this 70s Electra Omega shows great attention to detail, excellent quality and killer performance. Made in the Matsumoku factory as were many of the best Ibanez guitars of this period.  As nice or nicer than many higher priced Ibanez "lawsuit" copies I've seen! Good specs in a very familiar package. Just like the original Lester Polfus inspired design, this one has a mahogany back for good sustain. Electra went one step further though and added a Strat like tummy contour on the back for comfort. The top is a gorgeous flame maple. Probably a veneer but very nice looking. The set in maple neck features a bound rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. Dual Super Maganflux pickups dish out big tone. Very hot, especially for the time, these pickups have found many fans. The pickups are hooked to Electra's innovative Tone Spectrum switching system which offers a variety of in phase, out of phase and coil tap options. Very versatile. I've heard rumors that the pickups and electronics for these guitars were made in the USA but can't confirm. A Tuneomatic style bridge, Stopbar tailpiece and sealed tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is a gorgeous cherry sunburst and is set off by crème plastic and chrome hardware. An incredible deal for the quality. Many players will take a Japanese guitar over an expensive Gibson or Fender citing better build quality and playability. This guitar is a good example of why.

This Electra plays well and has great tone and feel. The neck is straight, the action is good and the frets are fine. The pickups deliver a ton of tonal options from creamy humbucker to quacking single coil. Everything works as it should. Condition wise, this guitar shows normal wear you would expect of a 25+ year old player guitar. Moderate pick, clearcoat and belt scratches as well some scuffs, chips, dents and dings. Still nice looking though with a great vibe. Comes in a cool period Japanese hardshell case as used by Electra, Aria and Ibanez. Comes with some Fender and Gibson picks.

If I had to choose, I would grab one of these over an Epiphone Les Paul or similar guitar. The quality and feel is top notch and you get so much more vibe. A great platform for upgrades too. An excellent instrument for the bucks. Electras have steadily been increasing in price in recent years as well with some of the effects laden MPC models bringing double what I used to see them for. A bang for the buck champ that may be the only Les Paul you'll ever need.


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