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2002 Parker P-38! SOLD!

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An affordable Parker? Yup, the P-38 offers players the looks of the more expensive USA Parkers at an affordable price. Using more conventional materials and build techniques, Parker has created an affordable guitar that captures some of the original Fly's innovation. The body is ash for a great sound. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. Dual Parker humbuckers dish out a variety of tones. A Wilkinson trem with piezo saddles deliver cool acoustic tones. Sealed tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is cherry red transparent. A cool guitar with a lot of the same features and vibe as the expensive USA Parkers.

This guitar plays well for the price and has nice tone. The neck is straight and the action is good. The pickups sound excellent and deliver a variety of sounds. The piezo bridge pickup works great and adds a new layer of sonic possibilities. Everything works as it should. The trem arm is included but it is missing the set screw and possibly a collar. You may be able to get these from your friendly local Parker dealer or make a trip to a hardware store. Condition wise, this is a solid used guitar. It shows moderate pick, clearcoat and belt wear as well as some minor dents and dings. Not mint but still good looking. Comes in an aftermarket hardshell case.

This is a good instrument for the money and a good alternative to run of the mill Starts, Teles and Les Pauls. Cool looks and useful tones at a wallet friendly price. Parker no longer offers the P-38 but they sold new in store for around $600 when new. Here's one for less!


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