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2007 Parker Fly Deluxe with Roland GK-2 Pickup! SOLD!

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One of the most innovative guitars ever built! I'm a pretty traditional guitar fan. I love hollowbodies and Teles  and tube amps and all that stuff that most guitar players go crazy for. I also try to keep an open mind about new stuff and the Parker Fly is a guitar that really performs. Bar none, almost every Fly I've ever played has felt great. Low action, comfortable neck and wonderful ergonomics. Sonically, they can offer a ton of tones and will slot well into almost any mix. To anyone that may have their doubts or can't dig the cosmetics, play one. A real USA made Fly is a great instrument that sounds and performs incredibly well. This Parker is a great example of the breed. It has all of the innovative features that made Ken Parker famous. The ultra lightweight body is made of poplar. The body shape is graceful and incredibly sculpted. Until you see one in person, you may not understand how cool these look. The 25.5 inch scale basswood neck features a carbon glass epoxy fingerboard with 24 stainless steel frets. These frets will almost certainly never wear out. The neck is reinforced with carbon glass epoxy for incredible durability and resistance to temperature change. Amazingly stable. Dual custom wound Dimarzios deliver a variety of tones from metal to blues to sparkling clean. The aluminum vibrato features custom Fishman piezo saddles for cool acoustic tones. This example is even more versatile thanks to a Roland GK-2A pickup installed. With the GK-2A you can access MIDI sound modules, guitar synths like the Roland GR-20 or Roland's innovative VG-99 guitar modeler.  An amazing range of tones are available. Sperzel locking tuners round out the hardware on this great axe. The finish is majik blue. Very cool look. This  guitar is a dream come true for gigging and recording players. Tons of tones, incredible playability, top notch ergonomics and space age looks. One of the most innovative instruments made. You owe it to yourself to check out a Parker.

Like most Parkers I've had in stock, this Fly plays and sounds great. Nice, low action. Amazingly consistent guitars. Almost every one I've played has had the same excellent setup. The neck is slim and the big frets are easy to bend on. The frets are in great shape and will more than likely never wear out.  A very playable instrument. The pickups sound awesome and deliver a ton of tones. The piezo adds a lot of tonal range. The GK-2 pickup is a godsend for non keyboard players. Everything works and performs as it should on this one. This is a nice used guitar. It shows light pick and clearcoat scratches. Some minor indents near the bridge from some bullet strings. Nothing major. Well taken care of. It comes in its original Parker hardshell case.

If you are ready to cut through the hype of guitar marketing and buy an instrument that is made to perform, you need to look at a Parker. Incredible feel, excellent sound and made in the USA quality. The only guitar you may need for recording and gigging. A new Fly Deluxe will cost you $3299 in super stores. A Roland GK pickup will run you around $300 on top of that. Here's the whole package for a lot less.


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