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 60s-70s Greco Violin Bass! SOLD!

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A cool Japanese made bass from the copy era! Super clean with some cool goodies! Greco is well known among players for making cool and fairly accurate copies of famous guitars and basses. This violin bass cops the vibe of McCartney's bass to a tee. The hollow body is made of maple. The short scale maple neck features a bound rosewood fingerboard. Dual staple pole pickups deliver real vintage tone. A trapeze tailpiece, rosewood bridge and chrome tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is a cool vintage sunburst and is set off by chrome hardware. A cool bass for Beatle types, garage band rockers or anyone that can appreciate style!

This bass plays well and has nice vintage tone. Set up with flatwound strings, it has nice action, good frets and nice feel. The pickups deliver nice tone and really have that 60s vibe. Condition wise, this one is very nice for its age. Pretty well taken care of. It shows light to moderate pick and clearcoat scratches as well as some indents, chips and dings. Nothing major, especially for a 30+ year old instrument. There's a little finish wear on the neck visible HERE. A nice looking vintage instrument. Comes in original hardshell case with a very cool Greco tool kit!

This is a very cool instrument for the bucks. If you're looking at an Epiphone or Jay Turser Beatle bass, you should give this one some consideration. Lots more vibe at around the same price.


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