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1977 Greco Japan SA550R ES-335 Hollowbody! SOLD!

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Many players love the look, feel and tone of their Japanese made guitars. A lot of folks feel that Grecos were the best made and most accurate guitars of the copy era. Greco guitars were seldom seen in the states but enormously popular in Japan. Greco was so good that Fender ended up using them to build the famous JV series Japanese Strats. The Fujugenn Gakki plant produced most of Greco's highest regarded guitars and would continue to produce Fender's popular reissue Strats and Teles. Incredible quality and attention to detail in these guitars. Here's a very cool Greco SA550R model. A very cool recreation of an early 60s 335. The body is hollow and looks to be made of laminated mahogany. It doesn't have a solid center block. Instead it is mainly hollow with a sound post more like an ES335. Mahogany 3 piece neck with a bound rosewood fingerboard. Dual Super 70 pickups deliver big tone. A Tuneomatic bridge, trapeze tailpiece, and sealed tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is classic cherry red and is set off by chrome hardware. Very similar to (and made in the same factory) as many now expensive Ibanez hollowbodies. Cool attention to detail including the open book headstock, binding nibs, and crown inlay. A great guitar at a great price!

This Greco plays well and has nice tone. The neck is straight, the action is good and the frets are fine. The pickups deliver a variety of tones. Everything works as it should. This guitar shows wear you would expect from a 34 year old instrument. Moderate pick, clearcoat, and belt scratches as well as some checking, dents and dings. Honest playwear and great vibe. Comes in original hardshell case.

These guitars are fairly uncommon in the states. Most US players have taken to importing them in from Japan and having to deal with customs fees, high shipping costs, plus waiting for weeks and hoping your guitar survives a trip across the ocean. Here's one that's ready to go. One of the coolest guitars of the copy era.


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