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1960s Telestar Kawai Sparkle-caster! SOLD!

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How cool looking is this thing? Green sparkle everywhere! Made by Kawai, this Telestar is the epitome of wacky Japanese guitars. Crazy sparkle finish, clashing tortoiseshell pickguard, Vegematic trem, spaceman bridge with non functioning mute, switches and knobs galore, plus 3 single coil pickups. Steel Reinforced Neck as always! A total freak show and a killer piece of gear for your experimental Spaghetti Western Surf Punk combo.

This guitar plays and it makes sound. The action is medium. It could use a setup. The pickups work. I'm not sure what the 3 way switch is supposed to do. It offers 3 lousy settings and maybe that was its purpose. The electronics could use some cleaning. Condition wise, it's about what you would expect. It shows scratches, dents, dings and wear. Someone drilled a hole in the headstock presumably to hang it on a wall. One knob appears changed, but which one? It will blow your mind. Will come with a cruddy gigbag.

How can you beat this much spaceman fun for the bucks? A true mystery of the Orient Godzilla special. You're sure to not see another unless you set the Wayback Machine to the Age of Aquarius. BUY IT NOW and have some fun!


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