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Retro Gear Prototype Solidbody! SOLD!

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Here's a very cool and rare guitar for not a lot of bucks! Check out the fancy inlays and nice craftsmanship! This is a very cool and presumably rare Retro Gear prototype. In recent years, it seems like almost anyone could start a guitar company and have a factory in China build their product. I believe what we are looking at is a product from one of those companies that never made it past the prototype stage. I can't find any info on Retro Gear. Here's the only info I could find, a positive Harmony Central review. It looks like they scrubbed the mission before it left the launching pad. Failure to launch, Houston, we have trouble. All that aside, they made a dang nice guitar. Good materials and workmanship. The body appears to be mahogany with a gorgeous quilt maple top. The top is adorned with abalone binding. The neck appears to be maple and features a bound rosewood fingerboard with amazing inlays. Vines, flowerpots, all kinds of gingerbread. Dual humbuckers deliver great tone. A wraparound bridge/tailpiece and sealed tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is a gorgeous cherry sunburst that really accentuates the wood. Along with the aforementioned gingerbread, it features gold hardware and multiple binding. A very pretty guitar for not a lot of cash!

This is a great playing and sounding guitar at a great price. In fact, if the name on the headstock were different, it would be twice the price. It's surely made in the same factory as many other famous brands. The neck is straight, the frets are good and the action is nice. The pickups deliver good tone. All of the electronics work as they should. This is a nice, clean guitar. It shows some light playwear and scratches. Super clean. Comes in a gigbag.

You would be hard pressed to find any guitar with this level of craftsmanship and ornamentation at such a low price. Also, where can you get a prototype guitar with a 0001 serial number? One of a kind and a nice addition to any collection.



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