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60s Framus Missouri Archtop Hollowbody! SOLD!

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Framus has been around for decades and became famous in the 60s when players like Bill Wyman sported their instruments. Many players may remember their quirky designs and crazy multi laminated necks. It would take the gravitational pull of 20 suns to warp one of those monsters! Here's a cool Missouri model. A jazz box roughly comparable to an L-5 or Byrdland, it has some nice specs. The top is spruce while the back and sides are mahogany. The multi laminated neck features a rosewood fingerboard with pearl block inlays. Dual single coil pickups deliver cool vintage tone. The tailpiece is sorta reminiscent of an Epiphone Frequensator. It teams up with an adjustable bridge. The tuners have been upgraded to more recent Framus sealed units. The finish is a gorgeous sunburst and is set off by chrome hardware. A really cool archtop that sounds great for rockabilly, blues, garage, and jazz!

This Framus plays and sounds great. The neck is straight and the frets are good. The action is nice and the guitar feels good. The pickups deliver a variety of tones and have a nice vintage sound. A really cool archtop overall. this guitar is in nice shape for its age. it shows normal checking, light to moderate scratches and some dents and dings as you would expect from a guitar of this vintage. The face of the headstock has been redone and looks great. you probably wouldn't know if I told you. Overall, a nice example of a cool guitar. Comes in a modern aftermarket hardshell case.

It's hard to find a cool vintage archtop for a low price. It's even harder to find one that isn't one step away from firewood in terms of quality and tone. This Framus is a bang for the buck champ and offers players cool looks and tones at a great price. German built quality and hip vibe. How can you lose? BUY IT NOW and own a great guitar!



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