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1989 Charvel Jackson Japan 275 Deluxe! SOLD!

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Super shredder! I’ve seen a lot more interest recently in late 80s/early 90s Japanese built Charvel guitars. Players are figuring out that these instruments offer great quality, hard to find features and a great price. This 275 Deluxe is a great example of that. A full sized Strat shaped body contribute to the big time sustain. The rosewood fingerboard features 22 frets so you can reach all the notes. A Jackson J-90C humbucker teams up with a J-100 single coil for tons of tones. A Jackson JT-6 Floyd Rose double locking trem and sealed tuners make for a reliable package. The finish is a very cool salmon pink. Sort of similar to Fender's Fiesta Red, it looks awesome under the stage lights. These weren’t cheap guitars when they were new nearly 20 years ago. They featured good quality hardware and were built to high standards of quality. If you’re a shredder or a rocker looking for an affordable instrument, this Charvel merits some attention.

Like many guitars of this era, this Charvel features a slim comfy neck and good feel. The flat radius makes for easy bends. The frets are good and the neck is straight. Condition wise, this one shows average wear. Light to moderate pick and clearcoat scratches as well as some indents and dings. There's a chip out of the end of the headstock. The trem has an incorrect but still functional arm. One of the string retainers in the bridge has been replaced. It comes in a beat but functional hardshell case.

Back in the 80s and 90s, this type of guitar was everywhere. Fast forward 20 or so years into the future and the supply seems to have dried up. There’s very little comparable at this price range in a new guitar and a lot of the vintage examples have been played to death. Here’s a solid one.




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