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1969 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville! SOLD!

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An iconic guitar whether you are a mop top Fab Four type or Nashville finger picker! The 6120 Nashville is a classic among Gretsch fans. Here's a great example for a player. The hollow laminated maple body has no F holes for better feedback resistance. The 3 piece maple neck features a bound ebony fingerboard with thumbprint inlays. Dual recent Filtertron humbuckers deliver vintage tone. A recent reissue bar bridge teams with replaced Grover Sta-Tite tuners. A newer Bigsby vibrato completes the picture. The color is classic orange stain just like George Harrison.  An impressive package!

This Gretsch is a great player and has nice tone. We recently refretted it and it feels awesome. This one, unlike many Gretsch guitars of the period is actually a playable instrument. The pickups sound good and have great 60s tone. They are newer reissues as is all of the rest of the hardware. Condition wise, this one shows the wear you would expect from a 40 year old guitar. Overall VG condition. Normal checking, scratches, dents and dings. Normal stuff for a guitar of this vintage. Screw holes visible on headstock from other tuners. The mute mechanism is missing some parts. Comes with original cracked pickguard. Overall, a cool looking example with great vibe. Unfortunately, it is afflicted with early to medium stage Gretsch binding rot. The binding is yellowed and cracking. Some folks can live with it as is and there are some solutions to stabilize it. A competent luthier could replace all of the binding. We've priced it to reflect that as well as the newer hardware. Comes in original hardshell case which shows some wear.

This is a cool vintage guitar that will cost you less than a reissue. A new 6120DC will cost you $2924 at the superstores. Many vintage dealers are asking $3K and up for similar 6120s, many with much worse binding and neck set issues. This one is a downright bargain.


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