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2006 Fender Standard Telecaster Neck on a 50s Tele FSR body with Built In Hotone Whip Distortion Box! SOLD!

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Sometimes it gets pretty wild over here. We’ll end up with some parts and say “what the heck are we going to do with these?” We recently had that situation when we came into a fender FSR Active 50s Tele body. These Teles had built in electronics and a battery box but this one had been robbed of its guts. What the heck could we put in there? Howzabout that Hotone Whip Distortion Pedal? Problem solved! We got to work making this Frankenstein’s monster and after a few hours of hacking and wacking and the wedding of a 2006 Standard Tele neck, we get the contraption you see here. All in all, this is a good platform.  The body is alder for good tone. The modern C shaped maple neck features a 9.5 inch radius maple fingerboard with 21 frets. A duo of Ceramic magnet single coils are hooked to a 5 way switch for a variety of classic tones. This is our standard shop Tele mod giving you your 3 regular Tele tones plus a cocked wah tone and a hot series wired tone. A 6 saddle string through bridge and sealed American Standard tuners keep it rock solid. This guitar sports a classic sunburst finish. The Hotone Whip is a cool hard rock/metal distortion that will make your amp really cook. It’s mounted under the pickguard and features controls for volume, tone, and gain as well as a unique Edge button that boosts output and treble. The effect is turned on via a switch on the pickguard and is powered by a 9V battery in the back. LEDs near the gain roller pot light up red when the effect is turned on. Cool look and lots of fun for not a lot of dough!

This is a nice playing and sounding guitar. The flatter radius and frets mean easy bends and playability. The single coils have a distinct and pleasing tone and the electronics work fine. The built in fuzz box has performed well. This Tele is in average shape showing normal wear. Overall VG condition, it shows light to moderate pick and clearcoat scratches as well as some chips, dents, and dings. Theres a few touched up chips on the edge. Comes in a lightweight gigbag.

This is a wild guitar that will surely be the center of attention at your next jam. If you like being hand on and getting down and dirty with your tone, this one is for you.


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