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1982 Fender Fullerton 57 Reissue Stratocaster! SOLD!

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Here’s a great guitar with the vibe that a new relic just ain't gonna get. Fullerton built reissues are very collectible. Made in the same factory by some of the same workers on some of the same tooling as the originals. This 35 year old beauty may be as close as you get to the real deal. I'm absolutely in love with it. Check out the cool, natural playwear. These early 57 RI's have the specs we all know and love. Alder body for great tone. 25.5 inch scale maple neck with 7.5 inch radius maple fingerboard and 21 vintage style frets. Vintage style trem with Fender stamped saddles and Kluson style tuners keep it rock solid. Cool, aged 2 tone sunburst lacquer finish. Original single coil pickups with date stamps. They are hooked to a 5 way switch. Markings on the neck and pencil date are all good. Neck pocket is all good. No routs under the pickguard and the original factory "relief" routs for clearance. Groovy wiring harness with early 82  pot code. V00 series serial number. A really cool and very vibey guitar. Fool your friends!

This is an awesome Strat. Super cool vibe. A good player with nice action and feel overall but it does show some fret wear. The pickups sound excellent. Everything works as it should. A dang cool guitar. Condition wise, this is a nice example with authentic patina. Lots of finish checking, and aged goodness. There’s some dents, dings and wear as you would expect. Good old honest playwear. The original owner drilled 2 extra screws into the original pickguard to try to keep it from warping. We’ve added a repro guard. Comes in slightly newer reissue Fender tweed case.

Guitars with vibe like this don't come around often. Fullerton reissues have been coming on strong in recent years. A reproduction of the original built in the same factory by many of the same craftsman. Pricey I know but think of it this way: you could grab a new Custom Shop Relic Fender for around the same money but it isn't going to have this much vibe or potential for collectability.


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