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1983 Squier by Fender Japan Stratocaster! SOLD!

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Great Japanese made quality and attention to detail! These early Squier Strats are well known for their workmanship and great tone. As a matter of fact, I preferred an 83 Squier to my original 73 Strat. The Squier was miles and away a better guitar. These were Fender's first imported guitars. Built by the Fuji Gen-Gakki factory (best known for the legendary Ibanez copies of the 70s), these early guitars made everyone stand up and take notice. Fender's US factory couldn't believe how good they were. Even today, many players will take a Japanese made Fender over an American one. Based on the late 70s Strats, the early Squiers are quality guitars. The body is ash I believe but may be basswood. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a maple fingerboard with dot inlays. The neck is 3 bolt and even features a bullet truss rod like other Strats of the period. A trio of single coil pickups are hooked to a traditional 5 way switch. Sealed Gotoh tuners and a vintage style trem keep it rock solid. The finish is classic white for a cool Hendrix vibe. A really great guitar for the bucks!

Like most Japanese guitars of this period, this Squier plays and sounds great. The neck is straight, the action is low and the frets have some life left in them. The frets show some denting but overall the guitar plays well. The pickups deliver classic Strat tone. A nice guitar. Condition wise, this would be a fine guitar for a player. In VG condition, it shows moderate pick, clearcoat and belt scratches as well as some dents and dings and hardware corrosion. Fine for a player. Comes in a recent Fender gigbag.

Japanese Fenders have become quite popular in recent years. For good reason: they are great guitars for the bucks. This Squier is no exception. Nice quality, feel and tone. Quintessential Strat tone and feel.


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