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NEW! Shelton Electric Instruments SkyFlite IV!



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The Shelton Electric Instruments SkyFlite IV offers traditional tones with amazing versatility. Over twenty pickup combinations via 4 pickups. The ultimate recording guitar. Because the top is never high enough, this is SkyFlite.

Learn more by visiting www.sheltonelectricinstruments.com

What customers say about their Shelton Electric Instruments:

“From the moment I touched the instrument I liked it, but from the moment I played it, it was love over the top.”

“I love testing electric guitars for sustain and clarity when played acoustically. This passed all the tests, up, down and across the neck. But plug this in and real magic begins. The switch and the controls permit dialing in a wide range of tones with my little finger.”

“Most impressive is the touch sensitivity of the guitar. Great to play and great to play with. A thousand happinesses to you, like those you brought to me.”

“I am completely satisfied - even my wife mentioned how good it sounded!”

“The best JM I’ve ever picked up.”

“The guitar is badass.”

Learn more at www.sheltonelectricinstruments.com




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